The Life Sentence

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In the waiting room the man
nearly whizzed in his pants
waiting for “x months” to live.

The doctor arrived to nod
clear his throat and pull a
screeching chair to a halt.

You have the most peculiar
disorder ever found. In fact
incidents are most rare.

You are in amazingly good
health and we fully expect
you to live well for decades.

Decades beyond normal
human life expectancy.
What a fortunate man!

The man then began to
tremble and cry. The doctor
asked him what was wrong.

So what am I to do with all
the time? Already I don’t know
what to do with myself.

The doctor assured him he
could do just about anything
for the next thirty years at least.

The man remained distraught
so before he left he received
a bottle of anti-depressants.

He limped past those waiting to
come in who only became more
anxious to hear the bad news.



Poet’s Notes:

Written recently, but the draft has not been located (it’s in my place somewhere).

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