The Honeycomb

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The Honeycomb

August 21, 2015

What is it about fear that so flusters?
I can sit and pick out every fiber
from some, a weaver unmaking a rug.

Other times, I am shaken by wells
of damp and gloomy dread that wash
over me when I’m most alone.

Lately I have found a honeycomb
of cells built in trepidation
of releasing unknown selves.

Whether threads or waves
cascade in me, I won’t know;
but the superstructure must go.


#### Poet’s Notes ####

!! I had another poem chosen for today, but wrote this in the morning and
decided to go with it. First time for a same day write!

If you feel strongly about this poem, leave a comment below!
(I won’t delete rude comments, I’ll just reuse them in a poem — with attribution. ;-))

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The Honeycomb

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