Shopping for Panties at the Mall

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Shopping for Panties at the Mall


At the mall with my daughter
I pause to shop for panties
for my fiancé
who is middle-aged like me.

Why are you shopping for her?
she asks, quite reasonably.
She has this thing for gray, I say.
Almost all of her undies are gray.

But gray is a nice color, she says.
It goes with just about everything.
Well too bad it doesn’t go with me,
I respond, quite selfishly.

I’m looking for colorful cotton panties,
but not for me, I say with a grin
to the saleslady, thinking some men
look in earnest for themselves.

It’s the time we’re in. A joke to me,
but she couldn’t laugh; the company
would not care for that. And I get what
may be odd to me is white bread to another.

And me walking out of a store with
three new panties in a shiny pink bag.
Well, I’m not less strange than most
so I honestly try not to judge.


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