Poet 3


I’ve had poems published in a number of literary magazines. These range from the international (The Dublin Writers Workshop) to the regional (e.g., The Chronogram, in NY State).


With a nod to Holden, “all that David Copperfield kind of crap” upfront:

  • I was born in Lancaster, PA, and grew up in Ardmore, just West of Philadelphia.
  • I am one of 13 children (originally 11 boys, 2 girls, now 10 boys).
  • I’ve been writing poetry for over 25 years (“an old dude,” as the kids say), ever since Mimi (my first love) stole my heart. No worries, I grew another. 😉 (For more about my writing, please see the FAQs.)
  • I speak fluent German and lived in this city in Germany for 5 years (though I’m not German, but he is).
  • I live just outside of New York City, but work in the city in the IT field.
  • I often wear this, my “poet’s scarf.”


bestpoemsonweb AT gmail.com

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