Dozens of poems (some astonishingly good) have been emailed over the last few years.
Below are a few samples.

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Bottom Of Delight

You can keep your single malt
and your favorite craft beer
I’ll continue to savor the best
in a good woman’s derriere.

They are round, never square.
No corners or edges and yet
there’s plenty to hang onto
no matter the measurement.

Separate a man from the others
by how he first looks at a woman.
If he stares at her breasts, 
he’s not divided from a mother.

Genuine men know what warms them
what gives them no end of delight
folded spoon to spoon late
into every blissful night.

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Late in Brooklyn


It is late and time for bed
and I hear a siren scream
past my window again
and I think of where it’s
not going; to the non-crimes
as I look at the buildings and
thousands upon thousands
not doing a single thing to
harm another; so who reports
on damages that don’t happen
on murders not committed
on crimes that never broke
through a conscious mind.
Who is compiling statistics
for the crime that isn’t?
It is something to witness.