The Parable of the New Chocolate Shoppe

A new chocolate shoppe opened in Lyrica’s neighborhood. Because she was a great lover of chocolate, she didn’t mind waiting in line on opening day, especially when they offered free samples.  So when a tray was passed around containing chocolate from the head chocolatier, she eagerly took a piece and had a first bite. And she didn’t care for it.

The shop owner happened to see her reaction and approached her.

“This chocolate is made by Joseph, who has been trained at the greatest institutions in the world and has won awards worldwide. How did you like it?”

She answered, “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t taste like chocolate.”

The lady appeared stunned for a moment, but then said: “Oh, well, I’m sure it’s just a matter of exposure. Here’s some chocolate from Josie, whose chocolate has been rated five stars by the most prestigious culinary magazines in the world. Of course you will like hers.”

Lyrica took a piece, hoping she wouldn’t disappoint the nice lady further, but it didn’t taste like chocolate in the least.

“Sorry,” she said, “but it doesn’t taste like chocolate.”

The woman appeared shocked, but recovered quickly, and smiled.

“Well, then it may be a question of sensitivity. Follow me out to our patio, where you will have chocolate tossed at you by Jose, who is world-renown for tossing quality chocolate into the mouths of chocolate lovers everywhere.”

Before Lyrica could respond, she was pattered in the face with small pieces of chocolate. One piece bounced onto a table. She took it in her mouth and smiled.

“Ah, so you’ve found your chocolate!” the shop owner said.

“Not exactly,” she responded. “It’s not bad, but it doesn’t taste like chocolate.”


The Moral: You know what is “good taste” when you taste it.




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