Who writes one quality poem a week?

Not me.  That’s when I’ll get creative. 😉

There are many possibilities, like guest authors who could fill the gap when I’m traveling or on vacation.

Are you a vending machine?

No, I never accept quarters…

Actually each poem takes a few hours a week.
But I’ve been doing it fairly regularly (a few days a week) for a few years now.

Where did you get the idea?

I blame Maribeth and Hannah at One Story
They’re doing a great thing for short stories… so I thought, why not give poetry a boost and provide an “inside view” into the process by posting the written first draft?

I’ve been working this way for a couple of years, so it seemed like a cool idea. (Note: Most of those poems sucked, but I developed a feel for “what works” as a poem.)

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