Donald Mugabe

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He big man. He fly like
big bird in air and swoop
down on so many enemies.
Golden hair flying.

He so rich. He give money
to poor just like Jesus.
They begging at him and
he always gives, always.

He so smart he know
more than whole school
know more than professors
and all the students.

He know more than army.
All these generals, no.
They not have his army
knowledge in one his finger.

He all the women. They chase
him now. Earlier he grab
now they running to him.
It’s crazy you know.

And he no need little help
from pill. No he so strong
even old man, he strong.
The women no complaining.

I tell his stories, all.
Earlier he have time,
now no time. Now he forever.
He like a God to us, yes.



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