The Death of the Cocktail Server

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In the gray video a young man

stands on a Chicago sidewalk
and watches a taxi pull up
on top of another man

whose soul seems to leap
into the young man’s body
to slap his head and dance
about in disbelief while glancing

back to the cab, but not himself.
He’d been lying on the crosswalk
after walking into a stranger’s fist
outside the busy 7-Eleven store.

(That’s when some men swooped in
to free him of his debit card and phone.
Others dropped in to find him picked clean
and proceeded to leave him alone.)

The journalist explains that the body
belonged to a popular cocktail server
from a posh hotel, but it didn’t make
a difference; the comments point out

this is not a ghetto, but it didn’t matter.
Strangers from foreign countries
now view the video and wonder
how two minutes could elapse

as people passed by the unconscious man
who lay in obvious danger on the avenue
and his mother and sister get to replay
this special record of the grotesque.



Poet’s Notes:

The video can be seen here (NOT for the faint of heart).

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