At the Great German University

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At the Great German University*


When professor at the great
German University, I’ll walk
the broad halls like a God,
be greeted with “Herr Professor”
(answer with gentle nods)
and not give a damn about
the clothes I choose to wear.

I’d wear the same wide corduroys
let them wrinkle and soil:
stains in the faculty dining hall
smears from tears of acolytes.
After a year or so I’d hope they’d
learn to rise up on their own fumes,
begin to teach for me in my stead.



Poet’s Notes ####

I actually gained (free!) admission to study in the German university system in 1995 after taking a written and oral exam.
I took a 6-week long exam prep course, but had never taken a course in German (I lived in country for over 2 years by then).


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At the Great German University


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