At the Business Conference

At the Business Conference*

for Appleseed


The deer in the headlights
Drank from a firehose
At the end of the day:
It was a win-win situation.

Inside the business conference
they peered out the windows,
were momentarily speechless.
They’d never seen anything like it.

Someone asked What is it?
A janitor said It was a deer
in the headlights, drinking…
They thought he was mocking them.

He left the room, shaking his head,
muttering You can’t make this stuff up.


Poet’s Notes ####

* There are cliches common to every profession; this poem lists 4 of the most common to American business in the first stanza.

I welcome my mother, Eileen T. Kennedy, to this list. I’m her 9th son and 11th child — one of 13 children. She watched me play every football game in high school and even attended a (very cheesy) play for which I had a minor role in at college.  Thanks Mom!

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The image of the initial draft can be seen here:

At the Business Conference

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