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Month: December 2015

Baby in a Manger


Sunset on the Creek in Chatham Center, NY
Christmas Eve, 2015

Baby in a Manger

Today churches worldwide wrapped a baby
in swaddling clothes, and set him in a manger

beside his mother and father and beasts
who looked upon him curiously, as if to ask

Is he one of us? Indeed he is somehow,
for why would he be set outside with us?

Priests and pastors proceeded to mount
pulpits and rail against desires of the flesh

which puzzled the animals to no end.
So they claim their God is one of them

but they set him here with us and state
he be free from the desires we seek?

Let us be free from human speech
if their words mean so little to them!


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There is no image to this poem, as it was drafted a few years ago (and revised last week).

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Commuting with Spinoza

Commuting with Spinoza

So Spinoza is on my tail.
Mornings in my car as
I drive to the station.

Jesus Christ, man, it’s the year
two-thousand and fifteen.
Go away, you old coot.

What I want to say as he sits
and strokes that beard of his.
Mumbling incoherencies.

He won’t ask me if I’m Jewish like
the pink-faced boys in Brooklyn.
He’s not looking to recruit me.

How could he anyway?
Like me he was tossed out.
(He more dramatically.)

Pleasure is the transition
of a man, I hear. Trans-
ition to what, dammit?

I know he’s a teacher, a
rabbi of rabbis, but I
can’t deal with nonsense

From a man centuries old,
ghetto in the Netherlands.
So I looked it up online.

Pleasure is the transition
of a man from a lesser
to a greater perfection.

And I wrote it down and
stuck it to my wall and
Spinoza has gone away.


Poet’s Notes ####

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The image of the initial draft can be seen here:


new doc 33_1

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