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Month: April 2015

The Bus (Preview Week)

The real is found somewhere between
walking down the street completely naked
and a crowd assembles (from where?) and
begins pointing at your enormous member,
but you’re a woman and you morph back
and forth to realize you’re late for the bus.

And someone stares at you and you think
I must be dreaming, so you like back and
he’s still staring and you see a stalker until
he gets off at the next stop and you ask
if your lips, hair and eyelashes look OK,
so you steal a look and (momentarily)
fail to recognize yourself.


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The White Rhino (Preview Week)


It fits so well in the hand, is so smooth to touch
oh! the engineering in there. The men began
by ambling around the California campus,
a crude composite, to the ear, into a pocket.

They had that vibe, that joie de vivre,
as they sauntered or slouched or
leaned, not waiting to explain.
Whoever declared genius cares?

They are as rare as that last white rhino,
guarded day and night against poachers.
Only they are not dropped for horns or hide.



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News story about white rhino

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